Donny Osmond wouldn’t be here if his wife hadn’t stood by him for 45 years – even when he lost millions

    Donny Osmond has been a household name for almost six decades. The singer turned actor has lead an incredibly fascinating life but perhaps his greatest achievement is his wonderful love story.

    Donny Osmond has been with his wife for over forty years, and she has stood by him even in his worst times… keep reading to learn more about their amazing love story…

    Donny Osmond has the rare privelege of having been able to maintain his career and popularity through six decades. While he is a household name even today, for a while, the famed singer almost lost it all…

    Osmond debuted as an artist at the tender age of five years old! He debuted as a solo singer at just 12 years old and sang hits like “Puppy Love” and “Go Away Little Girl” which were constantly played on every radio station.

    He first met his wife Debbie when he was just 16 years old and she was a young 15-year-old cheerleader. For a long time he kept his love for her a secret from the public, knowing everything that was at stake!

    The singer didn’t want gossip magazines to find out the truth, he was afraid that his popularity would decline.

    ”I dated her secretly for three and a half years because I didn’t want Tiger Beat [magazine] to find out,” he told the Drew Barrymore show.

    “And then once the news got out that I got married…

    “And maybe some of you [the audience] did this, I won’t hold it against you.

    “The fans literally had Donny Osmond record burning parties and sent the most scathing letters to Debbie.

    “She’s this sweet little girl from Montana, she’s the most amazing woman and saved my life.”

    The two led vastly different lives; one was an internationally loved superstar while the other was a mere cheerleader, however despite their differences they both managed to connect with one another.

    “There was something simple about her, and I lived a very complicated life,” he said once in an interview with PEOPLE.

    When Osmond went solo, his popularity sky-rocketed. “I remember being chased a lot, mostly in England,” Osmond said once in an the interview.

    “It was Osmondmania over there. Once we had to hide under a table in a restaurant because there were so many screaming fans rushing after us.”

    But even with all the attention, Osmond recalls once crying to his brother about how “lonely” he felt.

    He knew if he revealed the truth about his relationship, the hoardes of screaming fans would disappear. Even with that risk, he decided to go ahead with it. He revealed his engagement to Debbie and sure enough, the hoardes of adoring fans reduced.

    Osmond has said this led to him crashing both financially and also professionally as his career suffered a great blow. But through his ups and downs, his wife Debbie resolutely stood by his side.

    When he got the role as Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, on the first night of his performance his anxiety was eating him alive. After losing his music career so suddenly, he was terrified that he was going to fail.

    He recalled how Debbie was able to talk him down.

    “Debbie said, ‘Why don’t you go out there tonight and do an average show?’” he recalled to in an interview. “It ended up being the best show I ever did because I gave myself an opportunity to make a mistake,” he added.

    The performance was so spectacular that he performed the role of Joseph over 2000 times. The musical helped revive his popularity and allowed him to revive his career.

    He was able to get a residency in Vegas and has appeared on various reality television shows ever since. It has been an amazing comeback for Osmond!

    In his personal life, Debbie and Osmond were blessed with 5 children and are now grandparents to 12 children as well.

    In the last few years, Osmond has also become an avid advocate for mental health, as he himself passed through a dark period in his life and knows very well what it feels like.

    “I thought my career was going to be over at 20,” he said. “So I’m so glad I’m going to be able to end it on my terms.”

    And overcoming all his anxieties and fears has very much to do with his wife Debbie who stayed by his side. The two of them have now been married for 45 years now and it seems like their love and adoration for one another has only been growing.

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    What an inspiring marriage these two share!

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