Clooney’s twins – the exact copies of their father: The way Alexander and Ella, Clooney’s twins look left the fans speechless

    It is worth mentioning that well-known, incredibly talented and successful movie star G. Clooney has brilliantly played more than 90 roles in the course of his drizzling acting career. While being already 58, he is still regarded to be among the Hollywood’s best-known and legendary movie stars.

    It is relevant to mention that his personal life has always been full of romantic affairs, whereas now his heart belongs to Amal Clooney and the spouses became parents of absolutely adorable twins two years ago. The couple first met 6 years ago while having a rest by a lake.

    And here are the cute and lovable twins of the legendary couple who always appear in the center of photographers’ and journalists’ attention. Many hold the opinion that they look exactly like their famous father.

    Do you share the same opinion?

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