Christie Brinkley Reveals Cancer Diagnosis as Fans Send Her Prayers

    Christie Brinkley recently took to Instagram to share her diagnosis and successful treatment of cancer, spotlighting the critical importance of prevention and early detection. Her candid post included photos from her procedure.

    Christie Brinkley after her procedure, dated March 2024 | Source: Instagram/ChristieBrinkley

    Christie Brinkley recently took to Instagram to share a deeply personal revelation with her followers: her basal cell carcinoma diagnosis. In a post, she shared her journey, fortunately caught in its early stage, underscoring the significance of using sunscreen.

    The discovery of her cancer came while accompanying one of her daughters to a dermatological check-up. It was not her appointment, yet on a whim, she asked the doctor to examine a small dot on her skin, which she noticed while applying foundation. The doctor’s immediate recognition of the need for a biopsy led to the diagnosis.

    Admittedly, Brinkley was not serious about sunscreen application until her later years. However, she learned to use it religiously, reapplying as necessary and using protective clothing.

    Brinkley expressed gratitude towards her medical team for their expertise in removing the cancer and praised their precise work, likening it to the craftsmanship of haute couture Dior. She highlighted the silver lining of her experience, emphasizing the preventable nature of such conditions through vigilant sun protection practices.

    Christie Brinkley after her procedure, dated March 2024 | Source: Instagram/ChristieBrinkley

    Accompanying the post were images of Brinkley post-surgery, showcasing her resilience and indomitable spirit. Despite the circumstances, she appeared beautiful and in high spirits, lying down in medical-grade clothing, her left temple with stitches.

    The revelation prompted an outpouring of support from the online community, with followers extending their well-wishes and gratitude for Brinkley’s openness. “So glad they caught it Christie heal well!” and “Feel better!!!! So glad you are going to be ok,” were among the sentiments shared.

    Others wrote, “Thank you for reminding us to be diligent” and “Thankgoodness they caught it early & You’re ok….Bless You.. Now rest lots & heal well….We need beautiful souls like You now more than ever [sic].”

    Basal cell carcinoma, the condition Brinkley was diagnosed with, is a prevalent form of skin cancer arising from the basal cells. Often, this manifests as a slightly transparent bump, primarily affects sun-exposed areas, and is largely attributed to prolonged UV radiation exposure.

    Despite her rigorous sun protection efforts now, it’s unclear when Brinkley began applying sunscreen religiously. However, in January 2022, she took to Instagram to share a beach video alongside a caption emphasizing the importance of SPF and protective clothing—a message now underscored by her recent diagnosis.

    Brinkley’s love for the sun traces back to her younger years when she graced the covers of Sports Illustrated and epitomized the sun-kissed model lifestyle. Today, her passion for the outdoors continues, particularly through gardening, which she often showcases on her Instagram, merging her love for sunlight with the tranquility of nature.

    Christie Brinkley at the beach, dated January 2022 | Source: Instagram/ChristieBrinkley

    Beyond SPF, Brinkley credits her radiant skin to consistent exfoliation, a routine she’s maintained for over four decades, inspired by the notion that daily skin care can contribute significantly to a youthful appearance. She also emphasizes a colorful, plant-based diet, believing in the power of fruits and vegetables to enhance health and wellness.

    Incorporating exercise into her daily routine, Brinkley employs creative ways to stay active, from doing lunges while blow-drying her hair to practicing yoga, often accompanied by her pets. Gardening is more than a hobby; it’s a form of exercise she endorses for its physical benefits.

    However, Christie Brinkley cannot escape aging. On June 28, 2023, Brinkley shared a closeup Instagram photo of herself in the backseat of a car. Identifying as a “downtown girl,” she proudly displayed her wrinkles, including those around her neck, humorously acknowledging the attention they received in the comments section of her social media post. She stated, “The Wrinkle Brigade is out in full force in the comment thread!”

    The model observed that some followers meticulously search through celebrity social media for any signs of aging or imperfection to critique. She speculated that such critics might be projecting their insecurities.

    In defense of her appearance, Brinkley clarified that any odd visual effects were the result of phone cameras, not a reflection of her true self. Despite this, some responses remained critical, with one individual expressing disappointment at not recognizing her, and others commenting negatively on her appearance, particularly her throat and chest area.

    One person wrote, “What the hell happened to your throat and chest?” While another stated that all the fillers in the world would not mask her true aging.

    Yet, the actress pointed out that for every troll, there were others offering support and positive feedback, which revitalized her spirits. Among her supporters, one fan denounced ageism, celebrating their shared birth year of 1954 and emphasizing the beauty of aging gracefully.

    Christie Brinkley attends the "On Our Way" world premiere | Source: Getty Images

    Another follower praised Brinkley for revealing her natural beauty, calling her “gorgeous” without reservations, while a third appreciated her appearance without digital enhancements.

    Away from the digital world, Brinkley enjoys a serene life, especially at her home in the Hamptons, New York, where she indulges in gardening. A proponent of organic gardening, she shares tips with her followers, like using worm castings as a natural soil enhancer.

    Her Instagram showcases her thriving in her garden, whether she’s posing in Wellington boots or enjoying the company of family and friends, her genuine joy in these moments shines through, far removed from the superficial scrutiny of social media.

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