California Mom Causes a Heated Stir by Putting Daughter’s Wrist on a Leash While Shopping

    Alexis Solis, a stay-at-home mom from Los Banos, California, shared a video of her putting her daughter on a leash in a grocery store. The mother’s video gained over 12 million views and gathered several negative comments, but Solis reasoned she did it for safety.

    Alexis Solis, a stay-at-home mom from Los Banos, California, and a former behavioral analysis therapist was slammed on social media for using a toddler leash on her children.

    Alexis Solis and her daughter | Source: Monique

    Solis is a mother of two daughters and uses her platform to raise awareness about child endangerment. One of the tools she has found useful is a toddler leash, but not everyone was convinced of her idea of keeping her children on a leash.

    The mother shared a video on TikTok of her asking her child to put out her hand so she could secure the leash while in a grocery store. The video gained 12.9 million views, and several netizens were shocked.

    Solis explained that she used the leash as a means of safety. One commenter was angry at the video and wrote, “I hope they leash her when she’s 50,” while others said the leash was “dumb.” “I hate those,” proclaimed another fan.


    Solis was aware of the negative comments but wanted to explain why she believed in the tool. Firstly, the woman said she would not be ashamed of keeping her children safe. ‘I’m tired of the world being this way, but I’m never tired of protecting my girls. I’m okay looking like a crazy mom, “she emphasized.

    Why Does the Woman Believe In Using a Toddler Leash?
    Solis explained that the leash was a lifesaver for children who are prone to running off in public. In a response video to negative comments, the mother of two spoke about her background as a therapist.

    She made an example of children with autism and explained that they tended to “elope,” which is when the child wanders off. Solis said the experience can be traumatic to both the child and parent, so a tool like the toddler leash can keep both at ease.

    Solis wished she had had access to the toddler leash while she still practiced because she realized it would have made many parents’ lives easier. For her, it was also a way to keep her children safe from the dangers of kidnapping.

    Alexis Solis and her daughter | Source: Monique

    Therefore, the concerned mother urged everyone who did not believe in her ways to not judge beyond understanding that everyone had different situations. For the netizens who worried about how her kids felt about the leash, Solis clarified that her children were fine with it and only used the tool when they were in public.

    However, her need to prioritize her children’s safety also comes from a traumatic experience from the past. Solis said she was sexually assaulted as a child, so she knows the importance of being aware of her surroundings, and those feelings got stronger when she became a mom.

    Although not everyone agreed with the leash, parents and other internet users understood where Solis came from. The mother also revealed that her husband was initially skeptical about the leash.

    But after they had their children, he also realized how important it was for their safety, and now he does not care about the stares in public.


    One psychologist said there are other ways to help children with self-control and help them follow rules and guidance on how to behave in public spaces. However, the expert also claimed that adult supervision was better than putting them on a leash.

    For parents worried about their children running off, the psychologist advised strapping them to a stroller or a backpack but acknowledged that each family was different.

    Another expert believed a leash could be harmful to the children’s self-esteem, especially the dragging and pulling that would occur in public.

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