Beyoncé, 42, Shows Her ‘Real’ Hair, Sparking Discussion over Its Length & ‘Greying’ Parts

    Beyoncé breaks the internet again, not with music or performance, but by revealing her sacred hair care ritual on social media. The pop sensation’s post ignites a frenzy among fans, captivated by her locks.

    Beyoncé sits on a makeup as a stylist parts her blonde hair in a video dated April 2024. | Source: Instagram/beyonce

    Beyoncé shared a video on Instagram demonstrating her hair care routine using Cécred, her new product line. In it, she engaged in a multi-step routine from shampooing, conditioning, and moisturizing her blonde hair, which she maintained for 25 years.

    As her stylist works on drying sections of her hair, Beyoncé irons another portion. She concluded the routine by combing to a sleek finish and applying oil.

    Beyoncé helping to iron her blonde hair in a video shared in April 2024. | Source: Instagram/beyonce

    She also shared her thoughts on the stigmas associated with wig-wearing celebrities as people who don’t have long and healthy hair. She said, “It ain’t nobody’s business.”

    Beyoncé’s real hair, thick and showing subtle signs of greying, elicited a range of reactions from netizens. One fan observed, “I saw some grey in the back. You can’t get more real than that!!” while another admired, “Seems like it’s greying. Such beautiful hair.”

    The natural look surprised some, with a comment noting, “She looks so different.” Admiration for her hair flowed continuously. “Beyoncé’s real hair is so pretty,” one fan declared, and another echoed, “Beyoncé’s hair is bomb.”

    Another section of Beyoncé's hair being ironed in a video shared in April 2024. | Source: Instagram/beyonce

    Additional praise poured in as one person stated, “Wow, your hair is flawless.” This was followed by another who couldn’t hide their astonishment, commenting “I can’t believe people thought Beyoncé ain’t have no hair lol.” Echoing this sentiment, another added, “So y’all thought she was bald?”

    Finally, a fan celebrated the 42-year-old musician’s display of authenticity, “YES YOU FINALLY SHUT THESE PEOPLE UP!!! BEYONCÉ’S HAIR IS LONG LUSCIOUS AND BEAUTIFUL!!!”

    Beyoncé approaches her hair care with deep intentionality, viewing her maintenance routines as more than just necessities. “I like to look at these routines more like rituals because the care and love you give your hair is a special, intimate process that we tend to overlook,” she said.

    Her hair product line, Cécred, holds a special place in her heart, deeply intertwined with her lifelong relationship with hair. She reflected, “From spending my childhood in my mother’s salon to my father applying oil on my scalp to treat my psoriasis—these moments have been sacred to me.”

    Beyoncé performs during the Toyota Concert Series on the Today Show at Rockefeller Center on July 29, 2005, in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

    Her early experiences in her mother Tina Lawson’s home-based salon profoundly influenced her outlook. Beyoncé reminisced, “I can recall catching glimpses of her while I watched cartoons or played with my dolls and toys. These moments are etched into every corner of my childhood memories.”

    Beyoncé cherished the vibrant atmosphere of creativity and transformation she experienced growing up in her mother’s salon. Originally operated from their home, the salon was where her mother styled her hair and provided therapeutic experiences for her clients.

    The singer actively participated, absorbing the rich conversations and helping wherever she could. As the business expanded, her mother opened a larger salon named Headliners, involving Beyoncé in its design, reflecting the family’s collaborative spirit.

    The salon was more than just a beauty hub; it was a refuge during Beyoncé’s introverted times. She found inspiration from a client who was an opera singer, sparking her passion for performance and shaping her artistic journey. This creative environment would later inspire a pivotal moment in her life.

    In 2013, Beyoncé made a profound personal statement by cutting her long, healthy hair into a pixie cut. This bold decision wasn’t about fashion but a rebellion against the societal expectations of her appearance, especially as she was adapting to her new role as a mother.

    “Cutting my hair off was me rebelling against being this woman that society thinks I’m supposed to be,” she explained. This transformation marked a turning point, paving the way for further bold decisions in her personal life and career.

    Demonstrating this ongoing commitment to bold experimentation, Beyoncé showcased a platinum blonde hairstyle and a cowboy-inspired outfit at the Grammys in February 2024, further solidifying her role as a trendsetter in fashion and beauty.

    In an Instagram post, Beyoncé stunned her followers with her then-newly colored hair. The world-renowned artist dressed in a modern cowboy ensemble with a checkered jacket, matching pants, a white collared top inside, and a cowboy hat.

    Her look was completed with a ribbon on her blouse and a Louis Vuitton belt. In some snaps, she wore a mini skirt instead of pants. While the songstress looked gorgeous, many of her Instagram followers did not appreciate her hair color.

    “Mother, please go back to the honey blonde,” one wrote in the comments section. “The platinum is not doing you favors.” “I don’t really like the really bleach blonde look, sorry,” another agreed. “Girl, fire your stylist and get a new hair color,” a third echoed. “You look much better as a honey blonde,” added a fourth.

    Beyoncé may have rebelled with her hair choices in the past, but she’s now back to the honey blonde her fans love so much. Despite her choices with the length and color of her hair, she has proven she takes good care of her tresses.

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