Barbra Streisand Shares Her Wish amid Suggestions of Full Stop on Career & Revelations of Not Having ‘Much Fun In’ Life

    Iconic performer Barbra Streisand, 81, is globally known for being a powerhouse entertainer in show business. From her incredible singing talents to her impressive acting feats, Streisand has built a phenomenal legacy and empire in the entertainment industry.

    She more than achieved a goal she had since she was 17: to make a name for herself and become famous. However, contrary to what many may think, Streisand is not one who enjoys basking in the spotlight, citing that she is actually a very private person.

    However, her privacy preference did not stop the “Funny Girl” star from being under the constant gaze of the public. In fact, since she stepped onto the scene, Streisand’s physical appearance has been a hot topic of discussion among the media and public, specifically regarding her nose.

    In her new memoir, “My Name Is Barbra,” she spoke about how much scrutiny her nose received. Despite liking her nose and its long form with a bump, Streisand recalled the public’s harsh opinions, which made her ponder, at one point, about changing it:

    “I had already been told by several people that I should get a nose job…should I consider a minor adjustment.. just straighten it slightly at the bottom and take a tiny bit off the tip?…”

    Although she ultimately decided against changing her nose, her memoir revealed another thing about her that changed due to public opinion: her name. Originally born and known as Barbara, with three A’s instead of two, the “Memory” singer admitted that she never really liked her name growing up.

    Instead, she had an affinity for men’s names and would call herself Sydney when playing with a friend. Streisand also stated that there had been a lot of discussion from many people who tried to convince her to change not only her name but also her surname.

    After much back and forth, deliberation, and a desire to find a way to stay true to who she was and who her loved ones knew her to be, Streisand found a happy medium. Of her name change, she revealed:

    “…it occurred to me that I could just take out the middle in Barbara. Now I’d be Barbra…that was different and unique…”

    Barbra Streisand Revealed That She Hasn’t Had Much Fun In Her Life and Shared Her Wish amid Retirement Plans

    In addition to the aforementioned revelations about Streisand’s illustrious career and life, the 81-year-old also shared her overall perspective on the journey she has been on. Though from the outside looking in, to many, Streisand may seem to be living the dream, she has faced plenty of adverse situations in her life.

    Losing her father when she was a baby, living in poverty while growing up, and leaving home at 16 to fend for herself are only some of the hard times the star has faced. Of what she’s gone through in life, Streisand admitted:

    “I haven’t had much fun in my life, to tell you the truth…”

    Now, living life with her husband and planning to cap her career off with her memoir, fun is just what Streisand wants to focus on. Having no concrete plans to pursue more work and essentially looking toward retirement, Streisand’s wish is to “live life.” She added:

    “I want to get in my husband’s truck and just wander, hopefully with the children somewhere near us…”

    She went on to say how fun life is for her when her children and family are around her, and according to Streisand, home is where she envisions spending more of her time.

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