Banderas would be horrified to see her now! In pursuit of eternal youth, Griffith has spoilt herself beyond recognition

    You will not see anything more terrible than this today! ?? Even the most loyal fans hardly recognized Melanie Griffith after multiple beauty procedures! ?? See her «new» face in this article! ???

    The new paparazzi snapshots of 66-year-old M. Griffith are making headlines. Banderas’s ex-wife’s changed appearance resulted in mixed reactions and caused a furor among the fans. No one was ready to see the way she spoilt herself.

    Despite her drizzling career in acting and previous marriage to legendary A. Banderas, her plastic surgery journey has made her one of the most talked-about and scandalous celebrities of show business.

    Some expressed disbelief and could find no words to describe their disappointment and astonishment.

    «When surgeons went too far!», «Am I the only one who hardly recognized her?», «Words are not enough to express my disappointment!», «Where is the once bombshell?».

    A number of network users started to actively discuss her archive photos as a young lady jumping into conclusions that she simply ruined the beauty which enchanted millions of hearts.

    Her personal life and changing appearance never cease to be the topic of heated discussions.

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