‘Bad Mothering’: Fans Slammed Tori Spelling’s ‘Unhealthy’ Daughter for Being Overweight

    Tori Spelling’s daughter was criticized for her weight while attending a red carpet event.

    Spelling’s other children have also been body-shamed and critiqued for their clothing.

    She and their father, Dean McDermott, have publicly defended their offspring against online trolls.

    Hollywood star Tori Spelling stepped out with her two daughters at a high-profile event months ago. However, fans pointed fault at one of her kids and called her out for “bad” parenting.

    On June 2, 2023, Entertainment Tonight posted a snapshot of the veteran actress and her two daughters, Stella and Hattie McDermott, at the premiere of “Cruel Summer.”

    Stella McDermott, Tori Spelling, and Hattie McDermott at the Los Angeles premiere of "Cruel Summer," 2023 | Source: Getty Images

    The girls opted for laid-back outfits for the outing. Tori’s eldest daughter, Stella, wore a black oversized sweater while her younger sister, Hattie, donned a white t-shirt. Meanwhile, their mother sported a stylish maroon attire.

    The California native posed while standing between her children with her arms wrapped around them. The trio smiled for the camera on the red carpet.

    Online users commented on the picture of Tori and her offspring, and some people left negative remarks about one of her daughter’s physical appearance.

    “She should address her daughter’s obesity for her health and well-being,” said one Facebook user. “Bad mothering, why is that daughter so big? Very unhealthy,” wrote another. Someone else concurred, “The girl is too big and that’s not healthy. It will lead to health issues, I know from experience…”

    While another concerned online user commented, “[…] She is clearly overweight and needs to cut back on some food choices and dairy products. You are the parent, do better!!”

    One person commented about both Tori’s daughters, saying, “Those girls need to lay off the donuts and follow in mom’s footsteps to the plastic surgeon ASAP.”

    “She needs to put them on Weight Watchers,” said one social media user. At the same time, someone else stated, “Not good looking at all.”

    Despite the criticism from some online users, some of Tori’s fans shared positive comments and praised her for being a good parent. One person penned, “She seems like a wonderful and loving mom.”

    Fan comment, dated June 2023 | Source: Facebook/EntertainmentTonight

    Another echoed the same sentiments, writing, “Her kids are cuties. She seems like a great mom.” Another user complimented Tori’s kids, “She has beautiful daughters.”

    Someone scolded other Facebook users, saying their comments are “disturbing” and that it is “concerning” that they get off on attempting to destroy someone’s self-esteem with their commentary.

    “And it’s sad that grown adults are putting laugh faces at the comments about them being beautiful. Apparently, some need to look in the mirror,” added another fan.

    Another disheartened Facebook user wrote, “They’re children and could see these mean comments… It’s horrible adults bullying children,” alongside a heartbroken emoji.

    Tori, who stars alongside Brian Austin Green in “Beverly Hills, 90210,” shares her kids, including sons Liam, Finn, and Beau McDermott, with her estranged husband, Dean McDermott. In September 2018, she defended her kids against internet trolls who criticized their appearance and spoke negatively about their clothes after sharing a photo of them online.

    One user said the kids looked like they appeared to have rolled out of bed and wore anything they came across on the floor. Another stated the youngsters looked messy.

    Someone commented, “The kids are fat. Fat isn’t healthy,” with another adding, “Why have you let your gorgeous kids get so unfit?” Tori replied in the comments section, saying the trollers should be ashamed of themselves, adding:

    “[…] I was raised to believe that if you can’t say anything nice about someone then don’t say anything at all.”

    Four months later, the father of her kids, Dean, defended their children from the critics after Tori posted a family picture featuring them and their children on Instagram.

    Once again, people talked about the youngster’s weight and clothing choice, and their father clapped back, saying he was “horrified and disgusted” by the comments.

    The Canadian actor asked what was wrong with social media users who were “body shaming and bullying” his kids, adding it was “mean” and “uncalled for.”

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