Angelina Jolie referred to her daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt as the “outcast” of the family, standing out from the rest of her older siblings with her blonde hair.

    Angelina Jolie and her daughter Shiloh were spotted in New York recently.

    Shiloh, who is known to be experimental with fashion, was sporting a buzz-cut.

    The 17-year-old is said to have the same interests as her father, Brad Pitt, which has helped them build a close relationship.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were one of Hollywood’s most loved couples. And despite things not working out between the two A-list actors, they built a big family together.

    The couple adopted three children, Maddox, Zahara, and Pax, and had three biological children, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne.

    Angelina Jolie and her daughter Shiloh in New York in 2007. | Source: Getty Images

    Before welcoming the twins, Jolie reportedly said that Shiloh was the odd one out. In fact, the mother of six said her daughter’s resemblance to her father almost made her an “outcast” because of her bright blond hair and blue eyes.

    Jolie admitted that she would have been fine without biological children, but when she saw Pitt’s strong bond with their three adopted children, she realized their child together would not pose any threats.

    “The Tourist” star added that she shared a strong connection with Maddox, Pax, and Zahara because of the tough life they had before they were hers, so her daughter would not only be different in terms of looks but she would also be born into a more advantaged environment.

    “Shiloh seemed so privileged from the moment she was born,” expressed Jolie. But she also understood that she needed to be aware of all her children’s needs no matter how different they were.

    Shiloh might have been an outcast from birth, but she grew up very expressive and experimental with her looks. A close source said Shiloh was into pirate outfits and temporary tattoos at five years old. Then one time, when she was out with her mother visiting Ozzie and Dots in Los Angeles, she wore a clown costume that she reportedly wanted to wear out of the store, but Jolie said no.

    Angelina Jolie and her daughter Shiloh in Los Angeles in 2015. | Source: Getty Images

    Shiloh seemed to take all of her interests very seriously. Pitt revealed that once his daughter wanted to be called John from “Peter Pan.” And while this was okay to Pitt and his then-wife, “It’s just that kind of stuff that’s cute to parents, and it’s probably really obnoxious to other people,” Pitt said.

    In a 2010 interview with Vanity Fair, Jolie said her daughter liked the “Montenegro style,” meaning she liked wearing full suits with a tie, slacks and a jacket, or tracksuits. “She wants to be a boy. So we had to cut her hair. She likes to wear boys’ everything. She thinks she’s one of the brothers.” added Jolie.

    Despite how unusual Shiloh’s style maybe be to others, her parents are proud of her for being free to express herself.

    Shiloh Stuns Fans and Wears a Dress on the Red Carpet
    When Shiloh turned 14, her father reportedly expressed how proud he was of his daughter for always being true to herself and how good she was with her siblings, not to mention the close relationship she shares with her parents.

    Speaking of expressing herself authentically, Shiloh surprised many people when she showed up to a red-carpet event with her family, wearing a dress for the first time.

    The then-15-year-old had built her signature look around suits, so when she wore a dress, it caught the attention of many.

    Shiloh showed up wearing a tan silk dress with thin straps and paired the outfit with white flats and gold anklets. She tied her hair into a ponytail and wore minimal makeup.

    Shiloh is now 17 years old and has not stopped changing her look. She was recently spotted out with her mother and rocked new hair that had fans talking.

    Angelina Jolie’s Daughter Shows off Her New Buzz Cut
    Shiloh was recently spotted in New York with her mother. The 17-year-old wore a long-sleeved cropped sweatshirt with black jeans, red sneakers, and headphones over her head. But what caught the eye was her new buzz cut.

    Shiloh Jolie-Pitt in New York. | Source: Hollywood Fix

    It seemed like it was just the mother and daughter in SoHo, as the rest of the Jolie-Pitt siblings were not seen with them. However, there was enough for fans to talk about.

    Shiloh’s shaved head had a few fans wondering if the 17-year-old had an identity crisis. “Poor kid can’t decide,” remarked a commenter, while another thought she looked better with her long hair. “Why would she do that? She[’s] such a beautiful girl with gorgeous hair,” they said.

    Some people blamed Shiloh’s ever-changing look on her mother. One Facebook user claimed that the children needed to be removed from their mother because Jolie had already put them through a lot. “None of those kids look like they have a guess to be anything. Look at her; she can’t even look healthy,” the user continued.

    Another fan expressed confusion, pointing out that Shiloh had just been wearing dresses and makeup. Again, Jolie was blamed for her daughter’s new haircut, with a netizen writing, “Angelina must be stressing her out.

    On the contrary, one fan thought Shiloh was being used as a PR stunt to improve Jolie’s image. But no matter how many disagree with the 17-year-old’s evolving style, her parents support her through her self-discovery journey.

    Braid Pitt and Shiloh’s Close Relationship
    Pitt is known to be a doting dad to all his six children, but he reportedly has the closest relationship with his daughter Shiloh.

    One close source said the father and daughter share the same passions, which include playing music, watching movies and art, and spending time in his art studio being creative.

    Even when the “Fight Club” star and Jolie went through a custody battle, Pitt still made time for his children privately. He reportedly preferred keeping his visits intimate and private to preserve his close relationship with his children, particularly with Shiloh.

    The father and daughter have a special relationship, and Pitt supports her passion for dance. One close source said, “Brad never puts pressure on Shiloh,” instead, he motivates her to go for anything she wants.

    This open relationship Pitt shares with his daughter has blossomed into a beautiful connection. “She feels comfortable talking to her dad about anything.” revealed a source.

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